Covid Free

Compliance with strict standards of cleaning, disinfection, and prevention of infectious diseases.

  • Continuous cleaning and disinfection routine throughout the convention center during event hours, the exhibition hall will be attended by professionals who have already completed the vaccination test or negative COVID-19 test.
  • Disinfecting wipe dispensers strategically located in places where there are objects that are touched on a recurring basis.
  • The bathroom area will be completely disinfected before the event and regularly during the event, in this area there will be non-contact items such as automatic dispensers.
  • There will be hand disinfection stations at specific points in the convention center, which will be available throughout the event.

Security protocols

  • All attendees, exhibitors, staff, and suppliers will need to provide their proof of vaccination or negative COVID test at the registration desks.
  • Always use of masks within the convention center, in case of not being able to use a mask for medical reasons, the use of a face shield will be requested.
  • All food and drinks will be provided without contact.
  • Intensified cleaning protocols in high traffic areas in the convention center.
  • There will be care protocols in case there is a person who has symptoms of COVID-19.